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Our online store offers both raw and CGC graded books. Click HERE to check it out!


 |   CGC Signature Series Facilitator   |


We are authorized by CGC to facilitate witnessed signings for Signature Series grading purposes.  This means the required chain-of-custody is never broken when you use our service. Our team can submit directly to CGC for grading. We have a CGC employed witness for all signings that require one


|   Signature Send-In Service   |

This service offers you the opportunity to get signatures on your own items without having to attend a convention! Perfect for someone who cannot travel, doesn’t want travel, or simply  looking for an affordable way to get your most prized collectibles signed without having to pay travel costs, hotel stay, convention admission, signature tickets, etc.

We attend multiple conventions throughout the year  Any convention we attend gives you the opportunity to get signatures from talent / artists / creators who attend.

Find someone you want but can’t go to the convention yourself? Don’t want to travel? Let us take care of it!

Interested? Learn more about how this service works!


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