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All items will be sent to our office unless stated otherwise in the event details section. We do have a submission cutoff for each signing, so please make sure to mail your item(s) timely. Cut-off date is specified in each event description.

Generally speaking, unless otherwise stated, the latest we must receive your item(s) is 2 weeks prior to the signing. Please remember to take weather, holidays, or busy shipping times into account when planning on shipping your items. Cut-off date is specified in each event description.

This depends on the event and the number of items that are being signed. We try to get ALL items shipped back in 2 weeks max and sometimes are able to ship back much sooner. However there are times that it may take longer if we have back to back shows on consecutive weekends.

Visit the calendar for our upcoming convention list. Also make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list! We have an up-to-date list of each convention we attend and the dates. You can browse the convention website for their line-up to see who is attending. Find someone you want an autograph from that’s at a convention but not listed on our signature pre-order page? Send us an email with what signature(s) you want and from what convention, and we can get your order started!

Absolutely. If we are attending a convention and there is a guest (comic creator or celebrity) that you would like to get an item signed by, we can help you. If they are not specifically listed on our “Current Signings” page, please email us your request and we will send you the details to get your item signed.


No. We always try our absolute best, however there are many circumstances that are out of our control. We cannot physically control someone else when they have a pen in hand. We also can not control pen malfunctions such as pens leaking, running out of ink mid signature, etc. We do bring multiples of each pen type to swap out pens as needed to ensure the best possible autograph and test each pen prior to being used for the signing. If you send in your pen and we notice it does not look good when we test it we will swap it out for the closest pen type available. Inscriptions are sometimes up to the talent and if they object to an inscription or do not want to add inscriptions that is their choice.


Absolutely! We have many customers who add signatures to a book that is already graded. Send the book to us still slabbed for protection, and just include the prepped window bag (unless you want us to prep for an additional fee). Just prior to the signing, we will crack open your book (fee applies) and place it in the prepped window bag for the signing. When we submit the book to CGC again, we include the previous label.


At this time we do not offer this service. Almost all talent has restrictions on photography, especially at conventions.